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Our move went smoothly and we are proud of our new facility. I would
recommend any business owner considering a major move to consider using
the services of MCM Consultants.
Payroll Solutions Group reached the end of a 5 year lease and needed to
relocate to larger and more suitable space. Being in the outsourcing
business ourselves, we realized that it would make sense to find someone
who specialized in helping companies move. It’s something you only do
every 5 or 10 years so it’s a hard activity to have any expertise in.
Payroll Solutons Group enagaged MCM Consultants to handle this activity.
Mary Claire O’Loughlin managed all aspects of our move including the
coordination of our Tentant Improvements in our new facility.
Throughout this process she handled every aspect of our move and made it
easier for us to continue to focus on our core business activities.

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Howard Winters CEO Payroll Solutions